Reaping the benefits of HVAC maintenance

That was a lesson that I took to heart.

For the last five or six years, I’ve been calling the HVAC company fairly early in the Spring to schedule the air conditioning tune up. I’ve been doing this solely because I want to have some time to react if I hear that the heat pump is washed up. This heat pump is now going into its 27th years. We had the same HVAC company install this heating and cooling equipment all those years ago. These HVAC professionals then came out to the house to do the heating maintenance and the air conditioning tune ups every since. I remember our neighbor telling me that I was dumb to be getting HVAC maintenance on new HVAC equipment. But then again, he was the sort of guy who thought Santa was a rip off. So it was pretty easy to ignore his opinion. I knew better though as I was actually following my father’s lead. My dad was the sort of guy who was always all over every detail in his house. I grew up with central air conditioning and dad was so proud of that. He grew up without any sort of residential HVAC and so having a heat pump was a big deal to him. And as good as he was with his hands and machines, he never touched any of the HVAC equipment except for the thermostat and the air filter. My dad always told me that preventive maintenance performed on the stuff that takes care of us is essential. That was a lesson that I took to heart. I’ve always made sure to keep the HVAC equipment in the hands of certified HVAC technicians. However, I’ve never had to call for a single HVAC repair. That’s the benefits of all that HVAC maintenance.


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