Replacing the old thermostat with a new one

Jennifer had been left home alone by her boyfriend, who was going on an extended business trip, but it was the first time they were separating after moving in together, they made plans to talk as often as possible.

The trip was a great opportunity for him, and Jennifer knew it would benefit the projects, and Jennifer dropped him off at the airport, got some takeaway food and went back home. She had to rest before waking up early the next day for her remote work. The following day she woke up cold as if there was no heat in the house. Jennifer could have sworn she left the A/C device on the previous night. She put on some warm clothes, including socks and went downstairs to check the thermostat. The LED screen was blank, which had Jennifer shocked, but normally, the LED screen would indicate the current home temperature, but there were no digits on it this time. Jennifer checked the indoor air handler and observed it was not working. Since she knew nothing about fixing a faulty air conditioner unit, Jennifer sited a call to the heating and a/c repair and maintenance people. They would know why the heating and a/c unit had shut down, and an hour later, an A/C worker was at her door and ready to check the faulty system. She checked the outdoor A/C unit then the indoor air handler. After that, she went to the thermostat and found the cause of the problem. Despite the thermostat having an expensive look, it was old and had begun malfunctioning. It was possible to fix the malfunctioning thermostat, but the best solution was to replace it with a new one. Jennifer agreed with that information and asked the A/C mechanic to set up a new smart thermostat in the house.

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