Running the heating in July

My buddy stayed over last night plus is now on an airplane back to her condo country.

She visited me for less than a day plus I showed her around town plus she easily likes this place.

I didn’t have a ton of energy to walk around last night so after about an hour I came condo plus rested on the sofa while she walked around more to see the town. I am still reuseing from the flu plus my energy level is at about 76% right now, despite the fact that I believe in two or three afternoons I’ll be 100%. Cooling down at night with my mini split a/c component easily helped me sleep well because I had such a fever from the flu that it was not easy to sleep separate from some weather conditions control! Now I am back to just using a fan at night for sleep as it cools me down a bit plus also drowns out any noise that may come from the bar in the back of my flat. It can get loud at night back there plus having an a/c fan running helps block out the noise so I can get a great night of sleep. I also wear ear plugs plus when it is super noisy back there I will put on some noise canceling headphones so that I don’t hear a thing. It is a great system that my heating rep told me about with the earplugs plus headphones plus I seem to sleep easily well using them each night, and life is good!


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