She doesn’t want us to get ducttoil cleaning

I want to get the ducttoil cleaned but my fiance is totally against it.

My side is that I have done a lot of new home remodeling recently.

I have completely gutted a bathroom where there was dust all over the entire location. Every ceiling in my new home had spots that I scrapped. I even mudded and sanded a few of the higher ceilings. I also sanded wooden bifold doors in the home as well. There has been a lot of dust floating around and my advanced a/c was on for the entirety of it. I think the Heating and advanced A/C took in that dust and now it lies in my ductwork. Did you think that both of us spend 95% of our afternoon indoors? Did you think that the indoor air pollen levels are almost 5 times worse than the outdoor air? I want pristine indoor air conditions. I don’t want to breathe in that dust to make me sneeze and guess I’m sick. That is why I guess both of us need our Heating and advanced A/C ducts cleaned. I have the money and the time to babysit the Heating and advanced A/C worker. My fiance is of the mindset that the ducttoil is quite safe. It is totally sealed in the walls and ceilings. It does not seem like it would enjoy dust that can lay inside of it. Having a worker do ducttoil cleaning is risky business too. They can truly mangle the Heating and advanced A/C ducts in the process and cause holes. A small hole can truly let out a lot of air and cause energy costs and inefficiencies. Even perfectly sealed Heating and advanced A/C ducts let out 10% of the air the Heating and advanced A/C creates. A regular piece of ducttoil is letting out about 30% of the air. Crazy isn’t it? My fiance doesn’t want to risk even steeper energy costs.

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