She’s happy to have an efficient AC

Bernice is feeling awfully lucky right now, and why? Well the reason is obvious.

There is currently a heat wave going on, and she knows folks are suffering right now.

If they did not have their heating and cooling systems inspected this year, most likely their ACs are struggling with the hasty increase in temperature. Most units are failing. Which is why it is fantastic to get AC service, or you could do what Bernice did. She recently just purchased a brand new AC. As long as you can afford it, Bernice would highly advise updating your cooling system if it is older than 10 years. Hers was around 9 when she opted to update it, and Bernice chose a fantastic time too, because it was installed right before this heat wave. Talk about perfect timing. She wanted to get a new AC because Bernice had heard of how fantastic new air conditioner technology has gotten. Talking to an air conditioner professional showed her how much Heating and Air Conditioning technology has improved. Bernice now even has smart control units, when she was used to using dial control units. The improvements are incredible. But anyways, her beach house is a cool 72 degrees inside, while outside it is over 100. Bernice knows many folks are currently dealing with a broken heating and air conditioner device, and she feels bad for them. She is happy to have hers working well and efficiently.

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