Sitting in Grandma’s air conditioned place

My parents are not the wealthiest of people, but when they were young they fell in love plus didn’t love school or any impact they may cause by not trying to become successful adults, this led to my mom working as a school janitor plus my dad as a employer for a fast-food restaurant, but i can at times see the stresses in their life plus then there is me. They do their best to take care of me plus I will continue to love them but I’ll make sure no one will get in my way to have a successful life… My associate and I live in a condo that they haven’t certainly maintained well. They do not certainly have the funds for repairs so I understand. My associate and I have all the essentials of a condo but when things go awful it certainly hurts my parents. The one thing I wish we had was air conditioning but we don’t! So that is where my Grandma comes in. She just had the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealer send out a cooling professional to install a current Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system… Her condo has constantly been well maintained plus I tend to spend more time with my Grandma during the Summer so I can get a good sleep. She has constantly had great upkeep on her home so I constantly tend to look up to her for life successes. I have my own room at her condo plus she constantly tells me I am allowed over. I think my parents are a bit jealous but they are strenuous workers for what they do so they let it happen. They want to see me not make the same mistakes as they have plus they support it.
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