So impressed with whole home air purification

I’m actually not suffering this Spring.

I’m not suffering from the deluge of pollen of from a stinky house. And I killed both those birds with one stone. All it took was an HVAC upgrade to make my life so much better. And I’m not the only one either. My wife is also so excited to be able to finally host dinner parties and cocktail hours once again. For the longest time, due to the stinky air in our home, we could not have folks over. It was just too embarrassing to have folks come by and see their reaction when they first get a whiff of the indoor air. Of course, we did all we could do to mask that smell and it was fairly successful. But as soon as the heat pump kicked on the smells came right back and all those deodorizers were not a solution. It was actually the indoor air odor that got us to the HVAC professionals to talk about air purification. They explained to us that the only way we could really remove the odors was to remove the bacteria causing the odors. I guess I didn’t have that great an idea of what was causing the odors. I really didn’t know that the bacteria hung in the air like that. But there’s so much suspended inside our indoor air. And with the whole home air purification system, we are addressing all of it. The bacteria causing the odors are now gone. Along with that bacteria, I’m also happy to have a pollen free home. That too is removed from the indoor air thanks to the new air purifier. It’s been a lovely Spring thanks to air purification.


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