Some tiles were damaged after the tv fell on the floor

My son got a lot of money from my parents for his 16th birthday. I honestly thought he was going to put the money into a savings account for a car, but he decided to use $1,000 to buy a huge flat screen television for his bedroom. When my son came home with the television, I told him that I did not want the television hung on the wall. My son talked me into changing my mind when he came home with an installation kit and wall mount. He had all of the necessary items and I felt good about the decision to let him hang the television on the wall. After all, that would give me more room to walk around the room and I was still washing his socks and underwear. I heard my son on the phone with a friend. He called some reinforcements for help with the tv. I felt good about that choice, because I knew he was unlikely to pick up the TV and hang it alone. My son asked where the drill was at 7:15 p.m.. at 7:33 p.m., I heard a loud crash in the bedroom and I knew the TV was on the floor. It was busted and there was a huge crack on the screen. My son was crying, but I was upset about the tiles on the floor. Several of the tiles were chipped and cracked. I wasn’t sure we would be able to get the same tiles, because they had been installed by a foreign contractor 10 years ago. I was frustrated with my son, but I tried not to get too mad because he was already upset about losing the TV.

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