Sunroom air conditioning was just the thing

I sort of get a bit bummed out toward the end of May.

  • That’s because, where I live, the Summer heat starts coming in about then.

And the level of that sort of heat and humidity is intense to say the least. But that’s really part of it when you choose to live this far south. I get the fact that some people just can’t deal with the heat. For sure, I understand that as I grew up more than a thousand miles due north from here. There was a gas furnace for heating in the Winter as a heat pump wouldn’t have cut it. So I get the fact that I have some old friends who just stayed put and are still dealing with Winter. For me, I just couldn’t take any more snow and ice. Plus, being all cooped up inside the residential HVAC to survive the cold wasn’t much fun either. And really, that’s what I get bummed about during the Summer. I pretty much have to stay inside the air conditioning from like 11 in the morning to around 6 or 7 in the evening. It’s just too dang hot outside to do much otherwise. While it’s not as bad as being stuck inside with a gas furnace running for the better part of six months, I still miss being out side whenever I want. But this Summer, I have a helped my situation a bit by calling the HVAC company. They installed a ductless heat pump in our sunroom. So at least I can feel like I’m sort of outside with the air conditioning now in the sunroom. That sure does help as I wait for mid to late September to come along so I can stay outside all day again.

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