Surprise bachelorette party

I love playing jokes on people, especially my friends when they least expect it.

I’m not a huge prankster, but when the time is right I will make secret arrangements that thrill. Recently, I pulled one over on my friend that she will never forget, and we have plenty of embarrassing pictures to ensure that is the case! You see, my oldest friend on earth is getting married this summer. I am so sad for me, and so happy for her at the same time. I’m bummed to see her move away and start a new life, but I knew I had to throw her an epic bachelorette party to send her off in style. That’s why I developed an elaborate plan with her fiance and the local HVAC company in town. You see, my friend is an AC addict. She has no tolerance for heat or humidity… which is a problem, considering we live in Atlanta. She runs the air conditioner constantly, so I knew she would notice if something went awry with the AC unit. I had her fiance sneak out and power off the cooling system at the source, and then he went to work for the night. All of her friends were headed over, when we started getting texts about how ungodly hot it was in her house. As expected, she called her fiance, who said that he called their usual heating and cooling specialist. We all gathered around and waited on the cool porch for HVAC help to arrive. But in fact, the normal ventilation truck that pulled into her driveway was not filled with heating and cooling specialists, but shirtless men with oiled abs. When they jumped out, dancing and waving around tool boxes, she also passed out on the ground. Then we really needed AC to bring her back to consciousness.
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