The AC repair professional was almost an hour late for the tune-up

Every April and September, I have a tune-up performed on the heating and a/c components inside of my grocery store.

I have owned the grocery store for the past 25 years.

About 5 years ago, I had to spend $20,000 to substitute the heating and a/c components and all of the air duct. At that time, I signed up for a maintenance contract that gives me two free plan tune-ups in the Springtime and fall seasons. I called the heating and a/c supplier to schedule the tune up for April. I chose the 17th, because it was a Thursday and I knew company would be slow. I stressed the heating and a/c plan maintenance appointment for 9 am. The grocery store opens at 7 am, but the heating and a/c maintenance provider did not have anything earlier than nine. The professional assigned to the commercial heating and a/c jobs did not show up until 10 in the day. The guy parked in the handicap space and took up two spots, however he slammed the door of the truck and kicked a can into the street. He did not have his shirt tucked into his pants and his boots were unlaced. The guy did not look professional at all and I was absolutely unhappy with the maintenance provider. I let the guy start laboring on the system, despite the fact that I called the heating and a/c maintenance provider and I arenad a formal complaint about the professional assigned to complete the commercial repair that day. I did not genuinely want that fool to come back to my arena of business.

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