The AC was just too cold for the pigeons

I’ve consistently enjoyed animals plus from a young age I particularly had a thing for pigeons.

So I was particularly happy when I turned 18 plus got my own place where I was able to get pigeons.

My parents unfortunately never let me have pigeons because they were too messy plus too noisy. I do not have any really big pigeons or anything like that, just a couple of adorable little budgies, which for those of you that do not know budgies is just another name for a parakeet. Anyways, if there’s one thing that you should know about pigeons is that they can be pretty sensitive to the temperature in your home. One morning I finally noticed that my budgies were suffering when I turned on the air conditioner. Now I turned on the air conditioner to be much colder than I normally have it. I turned the temperature in the home down to 68 degrees. This was also just to counteract the blazing overheated summer time weather outside. It was around 90 degrees outside plus there was no way I was going outside in that weather, even separate from the air conditioner in the inside of the home it was still overheated plus so that is when the air conditioner came in. It did an excellent job of cooling my condo so I never had to worry about my AC system not laboring like I needed it to. But it was making my pigeons too cold so I put a blanket over their little cage to help keep them sizzling. Plus then my buddy and I turned up the heater a little bit. I changed the temperature from 68 to 74. The slight temperature change plus the cover over the cage seem to make a difference plus the pigeons warmed up.
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