The airflow in the clinic was poor

I had to go to the eye doctor because my eyes were hurting.

  • We had spent the whole afternoon at the beach, which I knew had been a mistake.

In a rush to leave the house, I had forgotten to pack my sunglasses and hat to cover my face, and my mother yelled all the way, but there was nothing we could do, the birthday party was about to start, and we were running later. We arrived at the beach location right on time, and my aunt was happy to see us. Mom told her I was to blame for the delay, and I rolled my eyes at her. The next day, mom took me to the eye doctor to get checked out. While waiting in the sitting area, we noticed the room was smelling musty. No one had a clue why there was terrible air quality in the eye clinic waiting area. Mom couldn’t handle the smell anymore, so she went to find a doctor and ask what was going on. The doctor informed mom there was an issue with the A/C system, causing the musty smell in the whole space. They were waiting for the A/C repair and maintenance supplier to send a heating and air conditioning expert to inspect the unit. The A/C worker arrived at the clinic while we were waiting for the eye doctor, he began assessing the system and noted a few issues with it. No one had cleaned it out in forever, which created the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The best solution was to close the place for a day and allow thorough HVAC duct cleaning to eliminate all the mold and mildew. If the clinic didn’t do this, the issue would get worse and even affect the health of everyone in the building.
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