The babysitter is increasing the control unit setting

Babysitters can be a lifesaver! I used to babysit a lot, so I absolutely care about people who are willing to put up with someone else’s kids for a long time.

I know they deserve plenty of compensation, that’s for sure! However, when I was a babysitter, I constantly abided by the rules of the household in which I was babysitting.

If the couple whose kid or kids I was seeing specified that they did not want their control unit touched, I did not touch the control unit. That’s why I am a little irked that now that I have our own 2 kids and I need a babysitter to rely on every now and then for date night with our hubby or other such engagements, I have a babysitter who does not seem to have the same decorum that I used to have! Both our hubby and I insisted to the babysitter that the control unit should remain at 75° at all times. I know that’s a pretty passable temperature, even when it’s rather sizzling outside. The babysitter seemed to disregard our wishes, though. It turns out he was setting the control unit all the way down to 80°! All of us started to suspect that he was messing with the control unit when the people I was with and I came home one night to find that it was a lot chillier in our home than it should have been. I went to check the control unit, and it learn lower than It should have, despite the fact that the set temperature still said 75°. That was curious, because it was boiling and humid that night, and there was no real reason for the ambient temperature to be lower than 75°. All of us are absolutely going to confront the babysitter about this!



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