The best part about camping and the risks of an old cabin

We had a blast all day long at the cabin we had for the summer.

  • We white water rafted, fished and ate burgers for lunch.

We were exhausted and tired on the way back to the cabin. We were sunburned, hot, sweaty and whatever else you can throw in there! We were looking forward to our cold drinks and a brand new air conditioner we just installed in the cabin. Last summer the heating and cooling system in the cabin broke and we came prepared this time, we thought. We got back at 7 right at dusk and we noticed the electricity was off and had been all day. The fridge, air conditioner and other things were off. The cabin was heat filled and our food was going bad. We didn’t believe what was going on. We called the campgrounds but it was after hours and nobody picked up. We would have to wait until morning to get the electrical systems going again. They must have been very old too. I couldn’t imagine what was going on. How was it that we came prepared, discussed sunblock, fans and air conditioners for an hour and were still gonna sweat all night. We didn’t consider that the camp runs on an old power grid from the 1950s and that we had relied solely on their power. Maybe hand fans, and other means of cooling down like ice in heat proof coolers would be good just in case next time. We woke up, had the HVAC specialist come out and he kindly helped us fix our problem. We were thankful, cooling off and ready to enjoy the day again. Consider all possibilities when camping.
Air conditioner install

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