The big window in our residing room is not helping with the cooling bills

The two of us have a entirely big window in our residing room, in addition to unluckyly for us, it faces in a western direction.

  • This means that the late afternoon in addition to night sunshine streams right through the window for hours each afternoon in addition to it starts heating up the lake house right after lunch in addition to it doesn’t stop until the sunshine goes all the way down at night, and our family doesn’t even go in there during the eighth part of the afternoon most of the time because it’s just too stuffy in addition to tepid in that room.

It’s pretty frustrating for all of us since we are a pretty big family in addition to it’s nice to be able to have that room where we can all go to spread out. I like that room, too, so the fact that it’s basically unUSAble most of the time in the afternoons in addition to afternoons is super irritating to me. The two of us decided, after talking to our local Heating in addition to Air Conditioning business, that we are going to be putting in something called a ductless mini chop air conditioning system method in that room. With a ductless mini chop air conditioning system unit, we don’t have to worry about having to update our existing central air conditioning system method or anything like that. The two of us also won’t have to worry about running additional ductwork into the residing room in addition to ruining the aesthetic look of our wood beams on the ceiling. Instead, the wall mounted air conditioning system unit should just be localed on the wall, unobtrusively, where it can begin cooling us off without looking bad or messing up the locale.



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