The cat enjoys the coolness of the refrigerator

The article is a story that is based on a true story.

I used to have a cat that enjoyed refrigerators. I thought it was just my cat, however no obviously there are a few cats out there that genuinely cherish jumping inside refrigerators. It consistently used to disturb me because there would be times that my cat would quite literally sneak into the refrigerator plus I would have to always keep an eye out for her or I would accidentally close the door with her inside of the refrigerator. It also genuinely became a game of constant vigilance where I had to go plus continually check to make sure that she wasn’t jumping inside of the refrigerator. There were a couple times that she did sneak into the refrigerator with me standing in front of it plus I do not know how that I somehow didn’t notice. But a couple of times that scared me was when I failed to see her sneak in plus I had accidentally shut the door for a few seconds plus then my buddy and I opened it plus I saw her inside of it! Maybe she just enjoys the cool hot plus cold temperatures of the refrigerator. I know cats cherish sitting in cool places. They cherish air vents, air conditioner, cool tile plus obviously refrigerators too. I’m also happy to say that despite my cat’s crazy refrigerator weirdness, she was also never once harmed by a refrigerator or genuinely became trapped inside of one plus I like to suppose that is because I was consistently double checking to make sure that she hadn’t jumped in there.


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