The cat is always scratching the space heater

Despite the ugly scratch marks it still manages to heat the dwelling in an amazing way

I do not truly know for certain what to do with my cat. I suppose he just enjoys to have his preferences on what he enjoys to scratch because despite having many scratching trees, not those tiny scratching posts, I’m talking full-size cat trees that are around 6 ft tall, tons of toys, as well as getting tons of attention he will still go back to scratch on my area heater. I have kind of adjusted myself to accept it at this point. A major part of having a cat is dealing with the claws as well as I do at times get scratched. My cat is not mean of course, in fact she’s really sweet as well as he does not mean to scratch me when she does it… She merely prefers to play as well as goes rough every now as well as then. I think there are people who choose to declaw their cats but I would sincerely never do that. I recently was able to learn that when a cat is declawed it’s not actually removing the nail however it is basically amputating the first joint of the toe. Since a cat, unlike a person, walks on their toes as well as not on the ball of foot, it changes their natural posture as well as is totally painful for them. My area furnace may be beat up to a certain level, however it is now working for me still as well as that is the main thing that I worry about. I live in a frigid climate as well as it is pressing that I have a good amount of warmth to get me through the colder months. Despite the ugly scratch marks it still manages to heat the dwelling in an amazing way. I will eventually get a current one from my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C appliance dealer because my other one is getting seasoned as well as I will need to replace it pretty soon. I’m hoping that when I do, possibly my cat will leave the current one alone but I sort of doubt it. It doesn’t even matter to me I just love my cat, I’m willing to sacrifice my area furnace for my fur baby.

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