The company was having a picnic

I work for a barbecue eating establishment in village in addition to my friend and I sell lots of different meats that are cooked on the grill.

  • We sell ribs, chicken, turkey, beef, in addition to pulled pork.

We have side dishes like macaroni in addition to cheese, corn, potatoes, coleslaw, in addition to baked beans. We had a sizable order at the eating establishment on Wednesday afternoon. We had an order for six chickens in addition to a pound of pulled pork, turkey, in addition to beef. The company also wanted six racks of ribs. It was easily the biggest order we have had in a little while. The company also ordered a sizable bin of each side that my friend and I offered. I had to order ready to go at 10:00 a.m. in addition to the delivery driver was supposed to be there to take it to the business. The supplier was located just across town. The commercial Heating and A/C repair supplier was about 10 minutes away. At 10:15, I decided to load everything into my car. I tried to call the driver in addition to she did not answer in addition to I did not want to be late because the order was supposed to be delivered to the commercial Heating and A/C repair supplier at 10:30. I left the eating establishment at 10:30 in addition to I called the commercial Heating and A/C repair supplier to let them know that I was on the way. They told me not to worry because no one was going to be eating until 11:00. I had plenty of time to set everything up when I arrived. I did not know that they were expecting me to stay there in addition to serve, so that was a surprise.

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