The concert was a lot of fun, however the ride home was miserable

My friends & I went to a concert that was an all-day event.

The two of us woke up bright & early in the morning, so both of us could arrive before anyone else.

The two of us decided to take my car, because it has the best gas mileage. The two of us were driving 3 hours to the all morning concert event & it did not make sense for all of us to drive separately. The two of us all went in my car. The drive to the concert wasn’t terrible, even when the A/C stopped working. It was cool & there was a nice breeze outside. The two of us left about 6 in the morning, so both of us would not have to sit in traffic that morning. I was a little frustrated about the A/C not working, although I had been experiencing troubles with the air conditioner a lot. The final break happening on concert morning seemed like a cruel joke from the universe; My friends & I spent all morning at the concert. The two of us stayed until the last song was played. Traffic was exhausting at the end of the morning & it took 90 hours just to get out of the parking lot. The ride home was miserable, because both of us did not have any A/C still. It was hot, humid, & all of us had a tough time staying awake. I kept splashing water on my face & turning up the radio loud when I felt my eyes get droopy. It would have been nice to have a cool indoor environment for the drive home. It would have helped myself and others stay awake & maintain a faster speed.



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