The couple were overheated by the time the A/C repairer arrived

Kelly and James have been together for 2 years, and it’s been quite an amazing time.

They also first met one night when out at a bar having some drinks with friends, James was with some women from work, and Kelly was accompanied by her besties.

It was her birthday, so the women provided her with some drinks. James approached Kelly to wish her a blissful birthday, and she kissed him after a dare from her friends, and kelly didn’t feel she’d see him again so there was no large deal. But, later that night as well, James asked her for her number, and absolutely called the next day to ask her out for supper. She was laboring so they went out 2 days later, and have been together since. They both had condos, and opted to buy a house after tying the knot, while renting out their condos. One night, the A/C in their new house failed, however they were too sleepy to notice. It was about 5 am when Kelly woke up hot, and so was James. She went to check the control component in the hallway and it was off. James heard her in the hallway and got up dripping with sweat so much. It was in the middle of summer, and even the mornings were hot, so they had to contact an A/C repair woman to come by. They left a message on their website with details of the issue and their location. Someone called at 7 am to confirm the A/C repairer was on the way to their home. The couple were overheated by the time the A/C repairer arrived and helped repair the faulty AC.



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