The diner closed shop for repairs

After our wifey plus I were done at the movies, the people I was with and I talked about going to the diner… All of us stopped at a couple of little shops in town before the people I was with and I unquestionably went to the diner to get food.

The stadium does not close until 2:00 in the day plus I wasn’t unquestionably sad about getting there before midnight, when the people I was with and I got to the diner, the people I was with and I found that it was closed.

The diner had to close early for repairs on the gas furnace. There was a sign outside of the window plus the diner was completely empty. The lights were off plus no one was inside. There wasn’t even a leftover cook or person cleaning the floors. The diner was totally plus completely empty. My wifey plus I had to go to another stadium after the people I was with and I found out that the stadium closed early for gas furnace repairs. All of us didn’t even see a gas furnace repair truck in the parking lot, which I thought was truly strange, however i figured someone would be waiting for the gas furnace repair truck if they had not arrived. If the gas furnace repair guy had already finished, why would not they have opened the store back up for supplier after the repairman was done. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but our wifey plus I went to a unusual stadium a couple of blocks away. The French pepper soup is not as flavorful, but the ham plus cheese sandwich was just as yummy as the other stadium. The next time the people I was with and I went ot he diner, it was open plus running with no concerns.

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