The guy who came out to my house certainly was not an Heating and A/C expert

There was this time when I decided to hire an Heating and A/C expert online.

  • This guy who came out to my house honestly didn’t seem to be an Heating and A/C expert.

He was wearing familiar clothes, didn’t have an Heating and A/C van, and he reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. When I was sniffing the air and looking at him funny, he promised that he had not been drinking recently however the night before. All the yellow flags were going off in my head, even though I still let this guy work on my Heating and A/C system. I kept an eye on him though to make sure everything was going fine. He seemed to be struggling a lot with the Heating and A/C system, almost like he was unsure of what he was doing. Even when he started to open the cabinet, he forgot to chop the power to the Heating and A/C unit. The last thing I wanted was a fried Heating and A/C expert in my house and I knew that would be a miserable situation for my family. It wasn’t long when I finally just asked the guy to leave. When I saw how much he was struggling and scratching his head, I had seen enough. When he asked me what the problem was, I told him bluntly, he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes, and he seemed like a novice. I wanted a real professional working on my Heating and A/C system. The guy offered me an attitude, even though I was able to get him out of my house and he went on his way. After that experience, I realize it’s never worth it to try to hire some unknown person on the internet to work on an important component in your house like the Heating and A/C system.

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