The hotel clerk apologized and moved us to a new room

My friends and I went to a concert and we drove about 150 miles.

It wasn’t a crazy long distance, but we were tired at the end of the night and we didn’t want to drive all the way back to the apartment.

I suggested we split the cost of a hotel room. It would only be about $20 per person for a four-star hotel that would have two beds and a place for us to sleep. My friends agreed that it was a good idea to get the hotel room. We started looking for a place close to the interstate. We found a name brand hotel with affordable prices and a pool. We didn’t really need the pool, but it was still a nice amenity. We were happy to find out that the place had a continental breakfast in the morning that was absolutely free. After we checked into the room, I started sneezing like crazy. I couldn’t stop myself. I was sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and I could not stop. A friend of mine turned off the air conditioner and the sneezing stopped. I realized the problem was the heating and AC system. Clearly there was dust or allergens inside of the machine. I only react this way when I am around dogs. I got an apology from the front desk clerk and she agreed to move us to a different room. She didn’t even ask a lot of questions. It was as if she knew we were going to complain. She didn’t try to argue and she moved us to a different room with a sincere apology for the heating and air conditioning system problems.

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