The HVAC tech is going to work on my HVAC system

I never expected to be in my second job.

However, because life is always changing, it remains unpredictable.

I used to work as an international businessman for a local corporation. This was after years of college to complete both my Bachelor’s and Masters degrees. My job made it difficult to establish roots, but I also had a great time exploring new arenas. During that time, I tried dating, but all of my dates complained that I was always gone. I felt I needed a change after about 15 years of this, in addition to seeing all my friends with their families. I took some time off from work and started working on a household update. One of the most serious issues I had in my condo was a lack of heat. The boiler appeared to be malfunctioning. But, because I was always gone, I never saw the point in hiring a heating and air conditioning professional to handle it. It was time to deal with this now that I was at home and winter was not far away. I went online and created a website for a local Heating and Air Conditioning service company. They said they’d send someone to my condo in an hour. A guy arrived at my door about 45 minutes after I called the Heating and AC people. She was the HVAC technician sent to inspect and service my boiler. I was astounded by how charming he was and tried my hardest to strike up a conversation with him. But because he was preoccupied with his work, I gave him some space. Later, I asked him if we could get a cup of Tim Hortons Cappuccino, and he said yes. My friend and I are meeting tomorrow; I hope everything goes well.


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