The life of a business owner

I went to university with the intention of getting the skills necessary to rapidly climb my way up the corporate ladder at a large corporation. Even though I basically always wanted to be an entrepreneur in the back of my mind, both my older parents plus my inner logic told me that was simply just a pipe dream. That was definitely because my lofty dream was running a beer cafe plus store. Everyday I beginning my afternoon with a cup of cold brew. And whenever I get new home from university or work, I make myself another cup brew. I can’t imagine what my afternoons would be love separate from having my brew, just love a soda drinker. When I visited a fresh root beer store for the first time, I was literally blown away by the sheer sight of all the root beer on each wall. That’s when I realized, maybe I should begin a beer company someday. I started researching the industry plus the logistics behind going and retrofitting a standard company space into a cafe plus beer store. After a few years now working in marketing for an international corporation on payroll, I took the plunge plus got a loan from the bank. It has been two years now plus I literally could not have anticipated the success. Right now I’m waiting on a brand new digital printer I ordered for my business. I have used a printing maintenance store down the local street to print my labels for my beer containers. I decided to invest in my own digital label printer, especially because I’m making new labels every week. After looking at numerous reviews online, I ordered an Epson digital label printer.
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