The local business is getting us followers

We have a market campaign the rest of this year to get 5000 followers for our music page to see what kind of response we get from people and which songs are our best ones.

I figure if we have 5000 people hearing our songs we will have a decent idea as to which ones are keepers and which ones should be put to rest.

So far our one song is leading the pack and it looks like it will be our number one song so far. Penned “We Got The Beat” it is an upbeat song heating up our music page with all the plays it is getting, thanks to the local business for doing their marketing thing. We paid them a few hundred bucks to get us 5000 real followers over the next few months and they are doing just that. My HVAC tech bandmate and I only had 48 followers just a couple days ago, now it is heating up already with about 130 followers just two days later. This HVAC specialist told us about the local contractor who does this marketing and said that the company is legit and that they really get real people to follow you. I don’t care about getting more and more followers like some bands, I just want enough to know which song is good when we put it online. Anyway, my air conditioner is about to get some work as I need climate control soon in this flat because it is really heating up quickly this morning. Have a good one today!

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