The nearest town was over two hours away from the rental cabin

We paid for the remotest and most reclusive place that we could find, that was a forty four minute drive from the rental office.

The rental office was situated in the garage of the rental agent.

From there, the nearest town was numerous hours away, which was kind of intimidating for us, but we kept our fears to ourselves. I am a town boy, born and bred, and fending for myself in the woods did not feel natural. But my partner wanted some locale in the middle of nowhere, so that’s what we did for the long weekend. It wasn’t legitimately frigid that weekend, but it got frigid at night so we saw it fit to use the wood burning oil furnace. There were a couple of space oil gas furnaces in the closet, which was legitimately comforting to have as a backup for heat. However, we’d planned on “roughing it” and we planned to start a fire. There was no firewood ready for the oil furnace, but there was an axe, a hatchet, and a woodpile out back. In the pretty orange light of the setting sun, I stripped off my shirt and chopped firewood for the oil furnace while my partner watched on. I was hot and covered in sweat filling up that oil furnace with kindling and logs. Seeing me act so macho got my partner hot, too. By the end of the weekend we were both crucial fans of using the wood burning oil furnace, and talked about getting the same for our home. We never even bothered taking the space heaters out of the closet since the cabin was warm.

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