The new house is going to be really fantastic when it's finished

My wife and I decided to have a house built after we couldn’t decide on a place in the city.

We looked all over the suburbs for the right house and there seemed to be something wrong with every single selection.

I could sell that the realtor was getting frustrated with us after showing us the 50th house, condo, and apartment. When my wife and I decided to build our own dream palace, the realtor thought it was a great idea. Both of us knew that we could get exactly what we wanted if we built our own home. We wanted all of the bedrooms upstairs, including the master bedroom. We wanted a huge game room downstairs and these options were not regularly available in places that were already built. We wanted a fireplace in the living room and another fireplace in the master bedroom above the area where the living room was located. Getting an architect was the best idea that either one of us ever had. The new house is going to be fantastic when it’s finished in a couple of months. The new house will have a smart thermostat and other features that are connected to the system like smart lights, smart alarms, and smart door locks. We have a state of the art air filtration system installed. This will cut back on any problems if there are forest fires. Forest fires happen frequently every single summer. Adding the air filtration system now means never having to worry in the future. When the house is finally done, I know that both of us are going to be very happy and satisfied with the final results.



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