The new toilet has a bidet plus a toasty seat

When my partner plus I found out that my nice friend and I had to upgrade the toilet in the bathroom upstairs, my nice friend and I were going to upgrade the toilet with something cheap but eco-friendly, but the only person that uses the upstairs bathroom is my partner! He does not like to use the bathroom in our kitchen for obvious reasons, but my partner decided to look at some custom toilets with advanced technology plus features like a bidet, heated seat, self-cleaning technology, plus speakers… Several custom toilets with a bidet plus heated seats were reasonably priced, but the self-cleaning technology plus speakers made all of the choices extremely luxurious, then i did not want to spend $1,000 on a luxury toilet that could play tunes from side speakers, but my partner truly wanted a cool toilet plus it was the bathroom that he used most of the time.I agreed to allow my hubby to select any toilet that he wanted as long as it was under budget.

He got the plumbing supplier to find a corporation that would sell the toilet at wholesale costs so it was cheaper. The toilet has bendy water settings, self cleaning options, a bidet, a eveninglight plus the speakers my hubby truly wanted. The supplier spent a weekend remodeling the bathroom to make room for the new toilet. It is slightly larger than the outdated one, so a few adjustments were necessary. I have to admit that the heated seats are a truly nice feature, especially when it’s chilly plus freezing in the middle of winter. The rest of the occasions are mostly unnecessary plus just for fun.
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