The parts were not enough

At first they only wanted to take our central air conditioners and window a/c units, but now they want all of our heating and cooling units including our smart thermostats! We were struppped of our precious heating and coolin gunits.

The worst part was mid-day when the sun was the hottest.

Everyone wished for their central air conditioner or furnace. The government demanded that citizens hand over all HVAC units, but especially hot water boilers. Hot water boilers are made out of a special kind of metal that they really needed. One by one those in our neighborhood began handing over their hot water boiler systems. While yes, most of the world is a desert, there are two months of winter we get every year that are way worse than the winter storms of the past. Hot water boilers and electric furnaces were what kept many people alive during those two months. Thankfully my home has a wood furnace as well as a hot water boiler furnace, so we were able to keep warm during the winter months without a wood furnace. Since we were only one of the few people who still had a working furnace, many people flocked to our home for warmth during the winter months. I learned how to fix my furnace on my own because all the HVAC technicians in the country were taken to a huge HVAC facility where they dismantled the central air conditioners, hot water boilers, and window air conditioners for the military. I became my own HVAC technician as well as for my neighbors who still had their heating and cooling units.

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