The portable AC was there to instantly cool the room down

Did you know you can rent a portable AC ? Oliver didn’t know this either, not until his neighbor told him anyway. When his neighbor told him, Oliver thought this was interesting and cool, and she considered renting one. It was the perfect solution to stay cool for a while, without paying lots of money. Not to mention if he ever considered buying a portable AC, he could try one first by renting one. Oliver decided to rent one a week later, when the week was supposed to be pretty hot. He was going to be traveling most of the day, and he thought that bringing one with him would be a fantastic idea. Oliver rented one portable a/c device from the local a/c corporation, and brought it with him on his travels. No matter where he went, the cooling device was always there to right away cool the room down. Oliver was impressed to say the least. Even though it was supposed to be absolutely hot, you couldn’t tell because of how efficient this thing was. When it came time to return the portable AC, Oliver found myself sad at the idea of letting it go. But he had to return it to the AC business, it was never meant to stay. The more and more he thought about it, the more Oliver liked the idea of buying one for himself. Even though he must return this one, Oliver might just buy one for himself.

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