The renovations include a dining room update

I did not want to wait until I got married plus had a family to buy a house.

I wanted to start thinking about our future before that.

I wanted to be prepared for every step of the journey, with or without another man affixed to our last name, and as soon as I had enough currency for a down payment, I started looking for a venue. I knew that I could save currency on rent simply by getting a mortgage instead of a lease. I did not guess if I was going to spend the rest of our life in this certain venue, however I knew that I would be building equity in the apartment instead of throwing our currency down the drain to the proprietor. My first apartment was a numerous dining room plus several lavatory fixer upper. I wanted to make some renovations plus I had currency in the budget to do anything that I wanted. I chose to make renovations to the master lavatory plus dining room first. Inside of the master lavatory, I put a claw-footed tub plus a spa. I also put heated flooring in the lavatory plus the master dining room. The heated flooring was an extravagant expense, however a single of our friends is an AC plus heating business. The guy gave me wholesale prices on all of the materials plus rock bottom prices on the upgrade fees. The master dining room plus lavatory are certainly a single of the nicest features in the house. The master dining room is greater than most other homes in the city plus I have the only venue with an indoor spa.

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