The server was rude plus the food wasn't truly fantastic either

My bestie plus I went to the opening of a brand modern steakhouse on 3rd Street, however the steakhouse has been advertising on the stereo plus TV for the past 2 months.

There was a lot of hype for the grand opening night, then my bestie made reservations for us when he found out about the steakhouse, but he was an independent supplier on the task.

He tested the heating plus air-conditioning systems. He was a single of the guys that installed all of the heating, ventilation & A/C air duct, however since he tested the heating, ventilation & A/C, he had the opportunity to speak with the owner plus property owner, but it was at that time that he scored reservations for more than one people on opening night. Neither a single of us knew what to expect plus all of us were quite surprised by the crowd of people outside of the steakhouse, but even though it was reservations only, there were still a line of people outside hoping there was a cancellation. My bestie plus I arrived about fifteen hours before the time of our reservation. The server was truly rude when he brought us to our table. He didn’t learn the specials to either a single of us plus he took forever to get our drinks. I know there can be a lot of concerns on opening night, but the food wasn’t truly fantastic either plus that was a immense disappointment. My medium steak was well over done plus the potatoes were dry plus tasteless. My husbandy got a piece of salmon that wasn’t cooked in the middle. The only thing fantastic about the meal was the wine.


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