The Smart HVAC system malfunctioned and it took 2 days for the repairs to be completed

Have you ever walked into a warm building after being outside in extremely cold weather? It usually feels amazing as your body welcomes the warmth while you quickly remove the layers of clothing and become comfortable.

However, after an hour, you realized the temperature of the room had steadily increased and became unbearable.

After many complaints about headaches because the room was too hot, you decided to send someone to investigate, and they discovered that the temperature in the building was a whopping 87 degrees. Oh no, that was too hot for a building whose windows couldn’t open, and no one in the building could figure out how to troubleshoot the issue because the technology on the smart HVAC system is a bit more complicated. Your only options were to call the commercial HVAC provider and schedule a service appointment, close the building for the day, and send everyone home. This happened at the school of a family member, and the HVAC service provider sent their technicians to the school to diagnose the problem. Apparently, the chiller, which is a machine that is used to regulate the temperature in the HVAC system by cooling down the heat, experienced a malfunction, hence the reason for the rapid increase in the temperature of the building. The service technicians scrambled to locate the necessary parts to fix the issue, however on first attempt, those parts failed, and they had to return the next day. The technicians ordered additional parts and performed more service, and they finally fixed the chiller, and the temperature in the building was regulated once again. It took 2 days to get the smart HVAC system up and running, but fortunately for the faculty, they were able to quickly switch to homeschooling. Technology has certainly improved our lives by creating less interruptions, the students didn’t miss school and most of the faculty were happy that they did not have to commute to work on those days.
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