The sound of the heating regularly lulls me to sleep

I frequently fall asleep in the winter to the sound of the furnace. Even though getting my furnace fixed is something I really don’t want to do, I am aware that this is absurd. The noise of the fan is something that my husband frequently complains about. Although I think he is greatly exaggerating the issue, he claims that the roar hurts his head. It isn’t complicated at all, in my opinion. The furnace turns on and makes a loud whooshing noise, which I love. When the furnace turns on and off repeatedly throughout the night, it does that. I’m not sure why, but I always feel cozy and safe inside the house. I’m sure it sounds more like a fan running or a sound without color, and that usually puts me to sleep. According to my husband, the furnace’s blower motor’s loud noise is a sign that some of its bearings are old or worn out. According to him, my colleague and I need to have the furnace fixed because of the loud noises it is making. He claims that if my partner and I don’t get it fixed, it will reduce the airflow from our furnace and our blower may then start making an odd whistling sound. Despite the fact that I would give anything for it to stop making those noises, I am aware that everything is a lie and that he is correct. Even though I just don’t care, my husband claims that any sound other than a very low humming noise is a bad sign.

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