The theater seats were honestly sweet and up close

My wifey works for a theater company in the art department.

He works on period props and other parts of the scenery.

When the theater was showing a single of my favorite plays, I invited my mom to come see the show with me. My wifey said he could get my mom and I tickets that were much better than anything that all of us could buy from the ticket booth. My wifey got us seats that were in the seventh row. The theater seats were honestly nice. There was an armrest for my mom and plenty of room for her to sit comfortably. We had drink service before the play and while all of us were in the intermission all courtesy of the staff. While all of us watched the show, all of us were truly comfortable too. We were seated right under an vent. It was a little too cold for my mom, but she put on her overcoat halfway through the show. I enjoyed the cool air conditioning a superb deal. Most of the time I get stuck sitting next to a bunch of people that deliver off a ton of heat and I am never under the vent. It was nice to have superb seats, drinks, and a comfortable locale to sit while my mom and I enjoyed the show, then after it was over, my mom and I found my wifey. He was toiling in the lightroom. My mom provided him a honestly giant hug and thanked him for giving her a superb experience at the theater. I kissed my wifey and said thank you too. We honestly did have a beautiful night.

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