The weekend is cooling down a bit

Today is a sunny blue day outside but things are going to change this weekend.

We have a cold front pushing through and the temps are going to plummet and the skies are going to turn gray for a while with some big storms coming by.

That means we won’t be able to play music on the streets like I was hoping for, but we need the rain so I have to let Mother Nature do her thing. The rain will water all of the crops and clean up all of our streets again and we welcome it. Cooling down this weekend is going to make us run our electric heating system again, something that hasn’t been run for months now. That is fine with me because it has been getting pretty warm out and my energy has been waning a bit since then. My air conditioning system has been running for the past couple of weeks but it is going to get a break, and give me a chance to clean the HEPA filter once more. I don’t remember the exact time I cleaned it last but I am sure that it needs to be cleaned again, as we have three cats and their fur can really fly around the flat and clog up the filters. I have a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner but it doesn’t grab the dust in the air unless it settles on the radiant heated floors that we had installed a few years back. I am going to grab some breakfast now and I’ll see you on the flip side of it.


Indoor air cleaning system

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