There was a small camera mounted in the air vent

I had a very sticky situation at work the other day.

I have literally never run into anything like this before, and I wasn;t sure how to handle it.

I told the man and woman who owned the house, of course, and then I called it in to my boss. Part of me feels like I should have also called the police, but I guess it really isn’t my decision to do that. Our company has never worked on this house before, so at least I know it wasn’t one of my guys responsible. Basically, I found a small camera mounted inside the air vent of the main bathroom. It was so small it sat between the slats of the air vent, and had a full view of the bathroom. Before saying anything to the owners I checked every other air vent, grate, and exhaust port in the house, and found three more cameras. Whoever did this wouldn’t necessarily need any experience in HVAC work, but the fact they were all located in air vents was fishy to me. The HVAC contractor I work for was concerned about this, just on general principles because these customers are nice people. He called around to the other HVAC contractors and vendors in the area to find out if anyone else had worked that house. I never thought that would be something to check for, but from here on out a general HVAC inspection from me will always include checking for hidden cameras. This is some kind of crazy sick world we live in, isn’t it?

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