There wasn’t a cooling unit in the small bungalow

The rental agent was the best.

TWe did experience some language barriers.

Reason being we were just visiting the island and didn’t speak the local tongue. Thankfully she spoke a little English and did rent us a little bungalow on the beach for a few afternoons. The resort had been closed down for some reason, so there was no other place for us to stay. Fortune was on our side to get any locale on such short notice. The bungalow was on the sand, a hundred meters from the water. There was electricity, but we were dismayed to find the place lacked a HVAC system. Call us the usual entitled Americans, but we just believed any rental locale we paid currency for would come with an HVAC system. We were annoyed about a lack of cooling, but after calming down we realized with funds we had saved from the hotel reservations, we’d just buy a small AC component for the space. It turns out that a local hardware store sold a small, portable HVAC unit, just enough to cool down the small room. It cost a small amount, and we have to say it was the best money we ever spent, because that cooling was heavenly. When our trip was over, we decided to leave the HVAC unit in the rental house for the next people to relish. It was legitimately small plus portable, but we still didn’t want to fuss over bringing an HVAC unit onto an airplane. Also we knew the next renters would appreciate some air conditioning.

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