This time of year I appreciate my HVAC company

During this time of year, we often sit back and reflect on what it is that we love and on what it is that we would like to change about our lives.

I do try to be sure to appreciate everything in my life that I am fortunate enough to have.

I do realize that all good things come from he who gives them to us. Anyway, we too often take things for granted that we should not. One simple thing that we take for granted is Heating and Cooling. I live in the south, so for the most part, I use air conditioning. This year, though, it has gotten quite cold during this winter and fall, so I am now also using a lot of heating. I have a portable heater in my office, which is very convenient and can just be plugged into the wall, but at home I have an HVAC system where I simply turn my switch from the cooling setting to the heating setting. How much easier could it get? It simply could not get much easier, and it is wrong to take that for granted. Not only do I appreciate the actual heating and cooling system itself, I also take time to be appreciative of the actual HVAC company and the heating and cooling technicians that have decided to become Tradesman who can keep us from getting heat stroke or freezing to death. In fact, I even sent a Christmas card to my HVAC company this year. I have noticed that many companies often send out holiday cards to their customers and potential customers at this time of year, but I decided to turn it around on them and send them my appreciation and my greetings for a happy Christmas. I am thankful for my HVAC company and my heating and cooling system.

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