This was a great idea

I was very proud of my friend when he told myself and others that he did it – he started up his own Heating plus A/C business.

I instantly asked him if there was any spare room for myself and others in his corporation. That’s when he hesitated. He carefully said that he couldn’t hire myself and others just yet. I wanted to think what was going on with the business as well as so he explained further. He let myself and others think for starters that I desperately needed to get my Heating plus A/C certification to be able to do this work on any level. He also needed to think about my work experience as well as if I had none then we truly needed some typical training. He then got into the insurance aspect of new workers as well as said he was not yet respectfully able to hire other professionals because the HVAC techs would not be covered by his insurance. It was a lot of stuff to consider for him, as well as I told him I would get started with my schooling, because I wanted to work for him. He did his thing with his corporation as well as he started to become well known in the community. He was doing many specials left as well as right. When I was totally Heating plus A/C certified, he brought myself and others on with the training as well as I was quickly able to help a great deal when he truly needed the help. He was getting booked up as well as he needed more and more HVAC professionals. I helped him with the hiring process as well as we got a bunch of new heating and cooling professionals who were eager to learn as well as do great work. All of us all have been making great money, as well as I’m thankful to my friend for finally letting myself and others work for him.

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