Time for air conditioning tune up

My dad was the type who always believed in paying for quality things and then taking care of them.

He was right and I try to live by the same standard.

I grew up in a pretty normal house. We had central air conditioning and I had my own room. But dad and mom were not frivolous with their money. If we walked inside the commercial HVAC of a restaurant, it was to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. Just going out to eat was a big deal and a treat for us. My parents would much rather spend money on groceries than waste it on junk food or fast food restaurants. Dad was also on top of taking care of the equipment that took care of him. He was always quick to do his own oil changes on the cars. He was also all over taking care of HVAC equipment. My dad was really good at working on just about anything that was mechanical in nature. But he knew enough to stay away from the heating and cooling equipment. The only people he allowed to touch the HVAC equipment were certified HVAC technicians. My dad believed in HVAC maintenance as much as he believed in car maintenance. Changing the oil in the car was just as important as having an air conditioning tune up in the Spring. I too find that HVAC maintenance is simply essential. I’m going on 17 years without a single blip when it comes to heating and cooling comfort in my home. That has everything to do with never missing a seasonal HVAC maintenance appointment. In fact, now that we are well into March, I’ll be calling the HVAC company to have them come out and do the air conditioning tune up real soon.

HVAC unit

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