Time for some natural air conditioning

There is nothing like the freedom of riding a bike to get around down compared to a car.

  • I sold my car about eight years ago now, after getting tired of the American way, and I am so content not having to drive a car each day.

I spent probably 15 to 20 hours a week in my car back in the States, and then when you add on my 50 plus hour workweek, you wonder how I am able to live life with the little bit of time leftover. If you work ten hours a day at your local business, then add in another two hours of driving for the whole day, you are left with very little time in the evening to watch your newly bought fireplace, or to play with your kids for that matter. I would leave my home at 8am to take the hour long drive to work, and I wouldn’t return home till almost 7pm with no energy left over. My wife would ask me to clean the HEPA filter and I was so tired that I would pay my kid to do the HVAC work for me. That whole life is gone after getting divorced and leaving my job to live a new life overseas. I like the natural climate control you get from riding your bike in the breeze, and it is nice not having to sit in the HVAC company cubicle all day long like I was doing back in the States when I was an engineer working in the HVAC field. My oh my, how life changes!

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