Tired from my climate control system

I am moving slowly this morning.

Today is Thursday and I played drums and sang Friday, then on Saturday and Sunday I played a lot of volleyball. Monday I rested and then I played ball on Tuesday and Wednesday, so needless to say I am quite wiped out today. On Tuesday I also played drums and sang some so my shoulders and voice are pretty shot from all of that stuff this past week. I also worked out with my HVAC tech buddy four days this past week at this local business, so I think it is time to let my body rest for a few days and maybe work on my own heating and cooling system. I need to decide if I am going to head up to the mountains and chill with my friends for a while, and if I do then I can rest my body for a while. If I go up there I’ll chill by the fireplace and read a book so that my body can recharge again for the next round of fun. I am 55 years old and need to be a bit more patient with my body and not abuse it so much or the thing is going to wear out from overuse. My heating tech friend told me this years ago, along with my father many times, so I will heed their advice and rest beside my climate control system in my office while I do some work online. Summer is tough to rest because there is always someone trying to get me in the sand.

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