Tournaments and clean air quality

I like where I live now because the air is clean and the streets are quiet. There are about 20K people living in this town, but during summer that number swells to about 50K as the tourists come in for the summer to enjoy our little village. It gets crazy here in June, with the peak being July and August, and just like that everyone vanishes in September. I may go out of town this July and August and seek a quiet mountain village where I can do my writing on my book. I am writing a book about HVAC repair and service and tossing in some life wisdom from all of the stupid things I have done over the years. I’ve done and said a lot of things that I later regretted, but I wouldn’t have learned from them if I didn’t do or say them in the first place. I’m about to do another stupid thing and ask this pretty heating supplier to go on a date with me, well hopefully it isn’t stupid and I won’t regret it, but she is pretty and nice and I would like to take her on a date at this local business soon. I see her a lot in this wine shop hanging out with her friends, and there is a guy who is always there but I don’t think he is her boyfriend. He works for the local contractor and is a cool guy, so maybe I can ask him if she is single. I sound like a school boy don’t I, it never goes away.

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