Trying my membership again

Last week, I got a call from someone from my local gym.

I had a membership at this gym for more than 2 years, but at the end of last year, I decided not to start it again. So, I was shocked that I was getting a call from the gym because it has been almost 6 weeks now since I have not been there. Well, the young lady on the PC was calling to offer me a promotion that they have going on. It was a discount rate on the membership fee, in addition to the promo also includes some free classes and free use of some of the exclusive gym facilities. The offer sounded amazing, and the young lady was quite convincing, so I decided to accept the offer. My only issue is that I will now have to rearrange my schedule to begin going to the gym again. Once you break a routine, it is so hard to get back into it. I do have a free neighbor pass with this new membership, so I plan on inviting my great neighbor Lyla to go with me. I know she will be able to motivate me to work out more. I could convince her to become a member of the gym. It’s so much easier to work out when you have a partner or a friend, someone who will hold you accountable to make sure that you follow through. Last year was not the first time I offered up a gym membership, but I am hoping that with this new membership that I keep it, especially because of all the extras that came with it.


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