Two air con units to lift later

I just got blocked on Soundcloud for five days for following too many people, oops.

I’m just trying to get our sound out there and was following a lot of people but I guess I kind of overdid it.

My goal is not to get a million followers or anything like that, but more to get our songs listened to to see if any of them are good or not. So now I have to wait five days before I can follow anyone else, which is fine with me because we got a good chunk of followers coming in daily. Heating up our site was my plan and at least we got some local business owners listening to the songs so I know which ones are good. I will chill with the following once my block is removed and follow less people each day, I just didn’t know the rules and sometimes you have to break them to learn about them. I’ve broken rules as an HVAC worker many times and have also broken rules when I was working for the local contractor. My gramps used to call me a rebel and a maverick, which back then I didn’t know what they meant, but I for sure know now. Gramps was a heating system salesman and worked a lot for this local contractor and then would come home to a trouble maker like me. I guess I’ve kind of been a rebel all my life for some reason, but it has given me some cool memories at least. Now this rebel is going to go clean his washable filter, see ya.

a/c repair

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