Uncle Watson now even has smart control units

Uncle Watson knows he is a lucky guy.

  • Why? Well the reason is clear to see.

There is currently a heat wave going on, and he knows lots of people are suffering right now. If people did not have their heating and cooling units taken care of this year, most likely their Heating and A/C units are struggling with the abrupt increase in temperature. Lots of them are breaking down. Which is why it is fantastic to get HVAC cooling maintenance, or you could do what Uncle Watson did. Last month he bought a brand new HVAC system. As long as you can afford it, he would highly suggest updating your cooling system if it is older than 10 years. His unit was around 10 when he saw it fit to replace it, and Uncle Watson chose a fantastic time too, because it was installed right before this heat wave. Talk about perfect timing. He wanted to get a modern cooling system because he had heard of how amazing modern a/c technology has gotten. Talking to an HVAC technician showed him how much Heating and A/C technology has improved. He now even has smart temperature controls, when he used to use dial temperature controls. The improvements are fantastic. But anyways, his lake house is a cool 73 degrees inside, while outside it is over 100. Uncle Watson knows many families are currently dealing with a broken heating and a/c systems, and he feels bad for them. He is sure blissful to have his unit well and efficiently.

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