Using the stimulus payment to get the central AC fixed

My wife and I have been dealing with central AC problems for the past multiple summers… Both of us had to spend $1,200 on a repair last year.

  • At that time, the repair serviceman told my wife and I that it was time to beginning thinking about a up-to-date and more energy efficient air conditioner… My wife was out of labor due to the Coronavirus and I was barely making enough currency to pay all of our bills, but replacing the central AC device was not an choice at that time.

When my wife and I found out that every one of us might get a stimulus from the government, the multiple of us immediately began to think about our central AC. Both of us were going to acquire a large chunk of currency and it seemed like the best time for the multiple of us to replace the central AC. After the bill was signed, my wife and I decided to call the AC to get an quote for all of the up-to-date equipment. As soon as the stimulus payment was deposited into our bank account, my wife and I called that AC business to complete the work. A lot of people use their stimulus currency for fun and entertainment, but my wife and I used our currency to finally repair cooling device in our home. If there is another stimulus later during the year, perhaps the multiple of us will save that currency to take a vacation after all of this craziness is finally over. I know things will return to normal after everyone has been vaccinated.
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